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Company History

Legal techies is a onestop platform that relays general information on children rights and the remedies available. The platform also provides for linkages; in relation to mental health services, to aid through child survivors of abuse.

The idea for the formation of this Company was born in August 2022. When legal team were on their judicial attachment in a Charitable Children Institution, the Children's Office and the Chief's Office. They realized the plight of Violence facing children in various set ups and the fact that lack of information on children rights further exacerbated the issue. Together, they found a team of IT students who were similarly touched about the scourge of abuse of children, and together they formed the Legal Techies group in October 2022.

Mission & Vision

Mission: To provide legal information on matters children in a simplified manner in a bid to change lives one message at a time.

Vision: To be a legal information hub across the world and create a global network of ideas on issues pertinent to the child.

Our Team

Meet the Squad

Tony Mutuma

Founder & Team Lead

I have a keen interest in Human Rights law, and Child Rights in particular. This was the genesis for the formation of the Legal Techies. I am also an adept legal researcher and excellent communicator. I have participated in several moot court competitions and won the second-runners up award in a national research contest on albinism hosted by the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights in 2021. I have previously volunteered as a legal intern at Ripples International, a Charitable Children Institution. I took part in the resolution of clients’ disputes before which mostly involved Child Rights. I have also undertaken training and got certified by the United Nations Children Education Fund on the Action to End Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse course. These are skills I will use to help the team realize our mission for the provision of legal information on children rights.

Doreen Kendi

Doreen Kendi

Co-founder, Financial Manager

Acquired my Bachelor of Commerce degree - Finance option. This makes me a competent financial manager for this team since some of the skills acquired from school and while doing my internship include- analysing variance, making and managing budgets, working through income statements and balance sheets, the problem solving mindset as well as financial decision making skills. In simple words, being business minded and having proficiency in handling finances are some of the basic financial skills that make me a qualified team player for this project; as my skills come in quite handy and go a long way.

Pius Mokua

Co-founder, Legal Advisor

I have a background in human rights law having participated in various moot court competitions as well as conferences, this being in addition to the basic curriculum studied in school. On other fronts, I am a youth leader and Sunday School Co-ordinator in Church, which gives me a proper grounding on matters children and teenagers, having worked with them for a considerable period of time. I will therefore endeavour to use my acquired skills both in public speaking for purposes of furthering our course on the YouTube channel as well as my legal background on matters rights to be able to canvas areas of law affecting children, and hopefully help to simplify them in a way comprehensible to them.

Joseph Gicuguma

Co-founder, Software Developer

I am a prolific full stack developer with a passion for Web Design and Development, Web Applications, Networking, UX/UI Design, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence and Web3.0. I am also passionate about building world class websites and consistently receive high user experience scores for all web development projects.

Nigel Chimwene

Co-founder, Software Developer

I’m a KCA student studying IT

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